Support services for your patient

ReturnToWorkSA has a number of services available that your work injured patient may be able to access to support their recovery and return to work.

Information on the claims support your work injured patient can access is available on the claims section of our website.


ReCONNECT is a free service that helps injured workers navigate relevant supports available. ReCONNECT Advisors can meet with clients face to face in local community facilities, via phone or email.

Claims agents and service providers, including general practitioners, legal representatives, psychologists, physiotherapists and other return to work service providers can refer people to ReCONNECT. People can also self-refer.

The ReCONNECT service is available to workers:

  • at any stage during a work injury claim
  • when a claim has been rejected
  • when income support is ending
  • if disputing a claim decision
  • if approaching retirement age
  • for employees of self-insured employers.

ReCONNECT is also available to affected family members.

The ReCONNECT service may vary depending on individual circumstances. It can include quick advice and information that directs people to relevant services, through to ongoing and longer-term support and assistance. The ReCONNECT service can be provided for up to 12 months.

You are able to refer for ReCONNECT by recommending it on the Work Capacity Certificate or contacting us directly. Your patient can also self-refer.

To speak to a ReCONNECT Advisor contact ReturnToWorkSA on 8238 5959 or email us at

Mental Health Support Service (Low Intensity)

The Mental Health Support Service is a low intensity service available to injured workers, regardless of claim type. The service provides coaching and support to assist an injured worker to respond as best as possible to the circumstances surrounding their work injury claim that may be impacting on them.

This service is voluntary, with no obligation to participate and is available for undetermined and accepted claims.

Our Mental Health Support Service is available to people who are:

  • presenting with mild or moderate anxiety, depression or stress symptoms, and
  • not actively engaged with a psychologist or psychiatrist on a regular basis.

This service can also be accessed for family members aged 16 years and over supporting the injured worker in their recovery and return to work.

Our Mental Health Support Service is delivered by providers approved by ReturnToWorkSA.

The service must be approved by the claims manager. You can recommend this service on the Work Capacity Certificate.

Post-Surgical Support Program

Recovery from surgery can be a complex process. Research shows that there are many factors that can impact the success of surgery, including pre-operative opioid use, other health conditions (co-morbidity) and the amount of social support available. Our Post-Surgical Support Program (PSSP) is available to help injured workers manage and address these variables to ensure the best possible recovery and rehabilitation.

The PSSP is a voluntary targeted service tailored to meet the unique requirements of the injured worker. The PSSP aims to:

  • guide effective management of pain following discharge from hospital
  • provide re-assurance and coaching in the post-discharge recovery phase
  • ensure appropriate post-operative treatment is identified and occurs.

The Program aims to ensure effective connection back to the treating medical practitioner following surgery.

PSSP is delivered by providers approved by ReturnToWorkSA and is initiated by the claims managers.

The service must be approved by the claims manager. You can recommend this service on the Work Capacity Certificate.

Return to Work Services

If your patient has a work injury claim, their employer is required to make all reasonable efforts to identify suitable alternative duties they can perform in the workplace, and provide the suitable alternative duties described in their return to work plan.

To support this process, there are return to work services such as a worksite assessment, the ReSkilling program which can help maintain work skills in a supervised and safe environment, or develop new skills to improve employability or job placement support.

If you believe any of these services would be of benefit to your worker, speak with their claims manager. For general information, please contact Scheme Support on 08 8238 5757 or via email at