Support and benefits

If you’re injured at work you’ll be supported to recover from your injury and return to work as soon as possible. If your claim is accepted you may be eligible for:

Income support if you are unable to work

  • 100% of your average weekly earnings for up to 52 weeks from the first day you are incapacitated to work
  • then 80% of your average weekly earnings for up to 52 weeks.

Financial support for reasonable and necessary medical treatment

  • for up to one year after your income support ceases
  • reasonable travel expenses to your medical treatment, rehabilitation or examination
  • with prior approval, up to 13 weeks of weekly payments if you require surgery more than 2 years after your work injury. You will need to apply for approval for future surgery within 2 years of your injury.

What is considered reasonable treatment expenses will vary depending on the nature of your injury. Speak to your claims agent for further information.

Return to work services

  • like job placement and retraining, as are reasonably required.

Lump sum payments

Following your impairment assessment, a report will be provided to your claims manager detailing the level of whole person impairment expressed as a percentage. This report will help your claims manager determine whether you have an entitlement to lump sum payments.

While you are waiting for your injury to stabilise, you may apply to ReturnToWorkSA to make an interim decision to classify your injury as serious until such time as you are able to undergo a permanent impairment assessment.

Serious injury support

Significant reforms to the Return to Work Act 2014 (the Act) passed South Australian Parliament on 6 July 2022. Some of the changes affect seriously injured workers, including changes to the serious injury threshold and lump sum payments for economic loss. Read about the changes.

ReturnToWorkSA will provide lifetime treatment, care and support to workers with a serious injury.

How we will support you

If you are assessed as seriously injured, you will be provided with:

  • income support until retirement age
    • 100% notional weekly earnings in the first year
    • 80% notional weekly earnings for subsequent years
  • lifetime treatment, care and support services

If you want the freedom to make the best decision for your own health, quality of life and future wellbeing you can elect to receive a single lump sum payment for economic loss.

For more information contact your claims agent.

Return to work support

ReturnToWorkSA is strongly committed to helping people with a serious injury to pursue meaningful return to work employment options.

Read our commitment to you.

What this means for you

People with a serious injury will be provided and supported with fair and equitable access to employment opportunities. There is a sense of meaning and purpose that comes with being economically and socially engaged with your community, which positively impacts quality of life.

We will work closely with you and your doctor to better understand your functional capability, as this helps identify jobs that you are suited to. We'll also take into account your work history, skills and experience to tailor how we can best support you. We can provide access to services that help you prepare for returning to the workforce such as work simulation, vocational guidance and suitable retraining.

Did you know?

Getting back to work helps you maintain a daily routine which gives you control and independence
Employment provides a sense of community connection and an opportunity to socialise and build friendships 
Being employed means you'll receive superannuation to help set you up for retirement
Working will benefit your wellbeing with the feeling of making a meaningful and valued contribution to your family and society
You'll be an asset to your employer by broadening the range of talent and experience in their workplace.

Getting back to work can mean:

  • going back to your old job
  • working reduced hours
  • changes or adjustments to your duties
  • going to a new job or role.

The benefits from returning to work are not limited to full time employment; working for a couple of hours a week can still have a positive influence on your quality of life.

Rest assured, we will continue to provide support throughout your journey back to work and on an ongoing basis even once you have made a return to work.

Common law and redemptions

If you are seriously injured at work you may be able to bring a common law claim for damages for economic loss if your employer's negligence caused or contributed to your injury.

If you choose to pursue a common law claim, we will provide you with information about common law processes and meet the cost of you obtaining advice about bringing a common law action, up to the limit prescribed by regulation.

If you are successful and recover damages at common law, we will continue to provide you with lifetime treatment, care and support for your injury. However, you will no longer have access to weekly payments of income support from the Return to Work scheme.