If you believe someone is not complying with their obligations under the Act, you can report it by calling us on 13 18 55, emailing or completing the online fraud and non-compliance referral form.

All participants of the Return to Work scheme including ReturnToWorkSA, employers and workers, must comply with their obligations under the Return to Work Act 2014.

Rights and obligations are outlined in the Act and supporting regulations. Please refer to Part 2, Division 3 of the Act for more information.

Employers have responsibilities with respect to the retention, employment and re-employment of workers with an injury.

In addition to these requirements, employers have a range of other obligations including:

  • providing appropriate remuneration for alternative or modified duties to injured workers
  • giving appropriate notice of the proposed termination of employment of injured workers
  • appointing an appropriately trained return to work coordinator if the business has more than 30 employees in South Australia
  • providing accurate information to ReturnToWorkSA when required.

ReturnToWorkSA focuses on communication, engagement and education to encourage employer compliance with the Act. However financial sanctions may be applied where there is serious or ongoing non-compliance.