Mentally healthy workplaces

A mentally healthy workplace has a positive workplace culture where people feel supported and able to do their best work, regardless of whether or not they have a mental health condition. A mentally healthy workplace places the same importance on both mental and physical health and safety in the workplace.

Why take action?

Mental health conditions affect one in five Australians so it's possible there are people in your workplace who are experiencing conditions such as depression and anxiety. Untreated mental health conditions have an impact on workplaces and individuals and the cost to Australian workplaces has been estimated at $11 billion per year, through reduced productivity, absenteeism and work injury claims.¹

It makes good business sense to invest in mental health to improve workplace productivity and profitability. For every workplace dollar spent on effective actions on mental health, there is on average $2.30 in benefits gained.² It’s also the law as workplaces have a legal requirement to eliminate and minimise risks to both physical and psychological health.

Our mentally healthy workplaces consultant

Our specialised mentally healthy workplaces consultant   (PDF, 223 KB) can help you to identify and reduce risk factors to mental health in your workplace and work with you to provide practical support, advice and resources.

Email or call 08 8233 2495 to see how we can help you create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace.

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² PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (2014), Creating a mentally healthy workplace: Return on investment analysis, retrieved May 2016.