Pay your premium

Read about changes to the 2019-20 premium process.

If your initial annual premium is less than or equal to $2000, you will need to pay in full by the due date on your tax invoice.

If your initial annual premium is more than $2000, you can elect to pay in equal monthly instalments on the seventh day of each month from September to June. Instalment amounts are detailed on your tax invoice.

All reconciliation adjustments are required in full by the due date on your adjustment notice.

If you are unable to make a payment by the due date or you believe that a decision we have made in relation to your premium calculation is unreasonable, please call 13 18 55 as soon as possible to discuss the matter with us.

We accept premium payments in a number of ways:

Direct debit

Direct debit is a low cost, convenient way to ensure that your monthly instalments are paid on time. Payments will be debited from your nominated bank account on the seventh of each month from September through to June.

To set up a direct debit, complete the Direct debit request form and return it to us at We will provide you with written confirmation when your direct debit is set up.

Credit card payment

You can pay your premium by Visa and MasterCard online or by calling 13 18 55. This option is only available for total premium up to $20,000.


Contact your financial institution to pay your premium via BPAY. Please quote biller code 9951 and your 8 digit employer registration number as the reference number found on your tax invoice.


If you are paying by cheque, please attach your employer registration number details and send to:

GPO Box 2668
Adelaide SA 5001

Please allow sufficient time for the cheque to be received and cleared by us before the due date on your premium notice.

Late payment

Late payment of your premium will incur a fine:

  • No fine applies for the first default in a financial year
  • 10% of the assessed amount payable (up to $1000) will apply for a second default
  • 20% of the assessed amount payable (up to $5000) will apply for a third and subsequent default in a financial year.

If you consistently fail to pay your instalments, you may be required to pay your annual premium in a single lump sum.

For further information about fines for late payment please call us on 13 18 55.