New resource - Work Injury Guide for Medical Practitioners

ReturnToWorkSA recognises the important role doctors play in supporting workers after a workplace injury and assisting with return to work planning.

The Work Injury Guide for Medical Practitioners has been developed to assist medical practitioners to understand the Return to Work scheme and how best they can support their patient with recovery and return to life and work.

Whilst this guide has been developed for a medical audience, it is a great resource for Return to Work Coordinators who are keen to gain a greater understanding of the doctor's role, and it could be useful in building positive and impactful relationships with your worker's doctor.

The guide also provides a comprehensive overview of the work capacity certificate, and refers to the use of the electronic work capacity certificate, which supports early intervention and avoids the issue of misplaced certificates.

This, in conjunction with the 'How to use the Work Capacity Certificate- external site- external site' tool, has been created to maximise the application of the Certificate, ensuring employers are able to use the information to identify safe return to work. The benefits of case conferences and employers accompanying workers at medical visits are also highlighted within the guide.

If you have a good rapport with the doctor, there is also an opportunity to alert doctors to the availability of this guide. Access a copy at this link -   Work Injury Guide for Medical Practitioners- external site- external site