Work Capacity Certificate

From 1 January 2017, ReturnToWorkSA will only accept the Work Capacity Certificate. This means that from this date, you can no longer use and submit a WorkCover Medical Certificate when certifying any work-injured patients.

The Work Capacity Certificate can be submitted in electronic (eWCC), editable PDF (PDF, 605 KB) and hard copy formats. To order hard copies, please contact us on 13 18 55 or email

The Work Capacity Certificate will help you to promote function through prescribing an active recovery for your patients with a work injury, helping them to achieve the best health outcome. From the first consultation, it can be used to:

  • reinforce realistic perceptions of injury severity and set expectations about recovery timeframes
  • describe your patient’s functional abilities – what they can do
  • certify work capacity to enable your patient’s employer and case manager to look for and offer your patient work duties that fit their functional abilities
  • share information with other treating practitioners, the employer and mobile claims manager, to encourage shared goals that will provide clarity for your patient.

When completing the certificate, it is important to focus on your patient's functional abilities from a medical perspective. This will ensure that the employer and case manager have the information they need to identify suitable duties at work that can be performed safely.

The certificate must only include the information provided by your patient and their medical assessment on the day of examination.

For guidance on completing the Work Capacity Certificate, please read our How to use the Work Capacity Certificate brochure (PDF, 2011 KB). For further information please contact the GP Helpline via email or by phone on 1800 180 545.

Note: A lodged Work Capacity Certificate does not mean that a claim has been made. To lodge a claim, the person injured should let their employer know so their claim’s agent can be notified.