Premium audits

ReturnToWorkSA provides work injury insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury.

Each year employers pay an insurance premium for work injury protection which helps to fund the Return to Work Scheme. We support employers to accurately report all remuneration paid (or payable) to their South Australian workers each year within their Employer Remuneration Return.

Through premium audits we ensure that employers are paying the correct premium which helps the scheme to be sustainable.

What is a premium audit?

In a premium audit your business records are reviewed to ensure your work injury insurance premiums have been properly calculated and your employer registration details are correctly recorded.

We look at your payroll and financial records and consider your business activities so we can be sure the correct South Australian Industry Classification has been applied to your insurance premium.

An audit may confirm the remuneration declared by you or may show a discrepancy. Premium audits can find that a business is not paying enough premium, the right premium or even too much premium.

What is the audit process?

A premium auditor will contact you or your nominated business representative informing you that you have been selected for an audit. They will let you know what you need to provide and will support you to understand what you need to do during an audit. More information about the audit process can be found in the Premium Audit Guide. (PDF, 304 KB)- external site

Premium Audit Guide

The information provided in this guide will help you to understand the audit process, your obligations and how an audit can progress with limited business disruption.

The Guide includes:

  • checklists
  • helpful tips
  • frequently asked questions

Download the Premium Audit Guide (PDF, 304 KB)- external site or request a copy via email