Our regulatory role

ReturnToWorkSA is responsible for regulating the Return to Work scheme to make sure that:

  • workers and employers receive appropriate, timely and effective services in the event a worker suffers a work injury
  • employers pay their fair share of premium
  • all parties subject to the Return to Work Act 2014 (the Act) meet their rights and obligations.

These rights and obligations are outlined in the Act and Return to Work Regulations 2015. Please refer to Part 2, Division 3 of the Act for more information.

Our regulatory program is designed to protect the integrity and fairness of the Scheme. Those with obligations under the legislation can anticipate that ReturnToWorkSA will be undertaking workplace activities, education and applying sanctions where provided for and appropriate, to ensure those obligations are met. This includes:

  • worksite inspections and audits by Regulatory Officers
  • industry-specific education programs
  • self-insured evaluations
  • imposition of supplementary payments, fines and/or interest penalties
  • prosecutions.

Employers have responsibility with respect to the retention, employment and re-employment of workers with an injury. If you, as a worker, believe your employer is not complying with their obligations please complete the fraud and non-compliance referral form.

If you are a self-insured employer and need to make an application for s183 authority to assist you in determining a claim or with other matters under the Act, please refer to the guidelines for the proper appointment of, and appropriate exercise of powers by, authorised officers (DOCX, 515 KB) and complete the Self-insured claim investigation application form (PDF, 148 KB) (Section 183).