Health benefits of work

Research shows that being at work is generally good for your health and wellbeing. The associated benefits include physical activity, social contact, daily structure and financial security.

Being away from work can slow down your recovery from injury. We now know that the old-fashioned advice of resting and staying at home until you’re completely recovered often isn’t the best approach.

You don’t have to be 100% recovered before you return to work. Easing back into the job can help you get better sooner. Speak to your doctor about how to keep active both at home and work to be able to recover quickly within the safe limits described on your Work Capacity Certificate.

It’s normal to experience some discomfort during your recovery, however this usually doesn’t mean you’re causing long lasting damage. If you’re worried about pain, speak to your doctor who can advise you about what is normal.

Your doctor will use the Work Capacity Certificate to describe what you can do safely to remain active. You can talk to your employer or claims agent to find work duties that are within your capabilities. Remember, your claims agent will provide support and services to help with your recovery and return to work.

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