Register for cover

Do I need to register?

If you operate a business that employs workers who usually work in, or are based in South Australia, it's likely you will need to register with ReturnToWorkSA. This includes businesses who are based outside of South Australia but who employ workers in the state.

You must register for work injury insurance cover within 14 days of employing someone that meets the definition of a worker. You may apply for cover prior to employing workers.

Note: Reference to a worker includes family members who may be employed by a business.

Businesses that are based outside of South Australia or do not have locations in South Australia may be required to register. For guidance on coverage for interstate workers, read our Insurance cover for cross-border workers guide.

If you are not sure whether you need to register your business, please call us on 13 18 55 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday or email


If you will pay your workers less than $13,041 in total for the 2019-20 financial year, you do not need to register. In this circumstance, if one of your workers is injured at work, you must contact us to report the injury and at this time you will need to register and pay our minimum premium.

How do I register?

You will need the following information to complete your registration:

  • employer name (if a trust, this is the name of the trustee of the trust)
  • ABN
  • ACN
  • company directors full legal names (if not directors, then sole traders/partners full names)
  • trust name (if applicable)
  • registered trading name
  • accountant’s contact details
  • location details (where you employ workers)
  • date you started employing
  • number of workers
  • total gross remuneration (inc gross wages, superannuation, monetary benefits, other payments & allowances) – refer to the Remuneration guide (DOCX, 298 KB) for more information.

You will receive a confirmation letter after your registration has been processed.

ReturnToWorkSA does not provide insurance quotes. If you would like more information about insurance premium costs or registering your business, please download Your work injury insurance, call us on 13 18 55 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday or email