Our service commitments

Our service standards outline what you can expect when you engage with us and our claims agents.

Self-insured employers, and providers engaged by either us, our claims agents or a self-insured employer also need to meet these service standards. Contact the relevant self-insurer or provider for information on how they will meet these service standards.

These standards encourage positive relationships between us, our claims agents, workers and employers. They acknowledge that we all need to work together to achieve the best outcomes, especially by adopting early intervention and return to work support.

If you do not believe our service standards have been met you can raise the issue directly with the person or agency.

Find out more about our service standards:

  1. Recovery and return to work
  2. Early and timely assistance
  3. Maintaining relationships
  4. Recovery and return to work obligations
  5. Personalised service
  6. Clarity and transparency
  7. Help to make a claim
  8. Effective communication
  9. Respecting privacy
  10. Continuous improvement
  11. Your right to be supported