Early and timely assistance

Service standard two: Ensure that early and timely intervention occurs to improve recovery and return to work outcomes including retraining (if required).

We are working hard to provide early and timely assistance.

  • When we have assessed that there is a need for significant assistance:
    • face to face services will be provided within five days, where possible.
    • we will work together with the worker and their employer to develop a recovery and return to work plan if the worker is likely to be away from work for more than four weeks.
    • we will ask workers and employers for feedback so that they are receiving the right services at the right time.
  • Our claims agents will make timely and ‘on the spot’ decisions including whether additional expert services such as worksite assessments, job analysis, counselling, and training are needed.
  • Retraining will be considered early if it can improve return to work outcomes.
  • Goals will be agreed, including who will do what and when, and will be clearly documented and shared with the relevant people.
  • Workers with severe traumatic injuries will be contacted within 24 hours of ReturnToWorkSA receiving the claim and be visited by a Disability Support Consultant within seven days (where medically appropriate).
  • A decision to accept or reject a claim will be explained by phone before formal written notification is sent.

If you do not believe our service standards have been met you can raise the issue directly with the person or agency.

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