Performance Monitoring

Please note, this section is relevant to approved return to work and job placement service providers. For treatment providers refer to our Allied Health or Medical page.

Return to Work Service Providers are important in supporting recovery and return to work. Performance monitoring is utilised by ReturnToWorkSA to support durable, desirable and affordable scheme outcomes where return to work services are required.  
Consists of:

Performance monitoring uses a variety of measurements. ReturnToWorkSAs approach to quantitative performance monitoring is for clear, transparent and defined measures derived from the Return To Work Services Fee Schedule. For further information refer to the Reference Guide for Provider Performance Reporting. Qualitative measures are drawn from file audits, self-monitoring and attestations. These measures combine to monitor the effectiveness and cost of return to work services, as well as the extent to which Return to Work Service Providers are achieving return to work outcomes.

Performance Monitoring Dashboards

Performance Monitoring dashboards are available via the online services portal and are updated daily. The dashboards will  display data relating to closed referrals from FY 2020-21 onwards.

Dashboards will display outcomes for Pre Injury Employer Level 1, Pre Injury Employer Level 2, Fit For Work and Job Placement Services which can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

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