Medical treatment expenses

If you’re injured at work you’ll be supported to recover from your injury and return to work and life as soon as possible.

Your claims agent will work with you, your doctor and other treating professionals, who you will be in control of choosing, to ensure that you get the best possible healthcare and treatment for your injury.

If your claim is accepted, you may be eligible for financial support for reasonable and necessary medical treatment for:

  • up to one year after your injury (if claim is for medical expenses only)
  • if you are/have received income support then medical treatment for up to one year after this ceases
  • lifetime medical treatment and care if you are assessed as seriously injured.

The type of expenses that we may cover include:

  • medical treatment from service providers such as a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist
  • surgical and hospital expenses
  • medicines essential to your recovery, for example prescription drugs
  • rehabilitation treatment and equipment or services needed to help you recover, for example: wheelchairs, crutches, or return to work services
  • travelling expenses related to your medical treatment, rehabilitation or examination.

Please talk to your claims agent for further information about reimbursement of expenses related to your claim.