Young workers

Many young people start a part time job while they are at high school or start their first full time job, apprenticeship, or traineeship shortly after leaving school. They work in all kinds of industries and perform a large variety of work. Younger workers can feel pressure to perform tasks regardless of their level of skill or experience, avoid asking questions or raising concerns and can be exposed to risky tasks without adequate training and supervision. They can also be easily influenced by the behaviours of those they work with. Unfortunately this leads to a higher rate of injury for young workers compared to older workers performing the same work.

In South Australia from 2014 to 2017, 8,129 young workers were injured at work and received income or medical support. While many of these workers returned to work and resumed their lives, sadly some have been left with life changing injuries or even lost their lives.

Whether you are a worker, employer or parent, there is information and a range of tools available to help keep young workers safe at work.

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