Clinical support services

Medical practitioners who are treating work injured patients have access to clinical support services to assist in supporting their patient's effective treatment, recovery and return to work.

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Second Opinion Medicine

Second Opinion Medicine is a clinical support tool that provides treating medical practitioners and their patients with a work injury claim with quick access to a second opinion from leading South Australian medical specialists.

What does it involve?

Through Second Opinion Medicine, you are able to get input on the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment planning and/or approaches for supporting recovery and improving your patient’s functional abilities.

The Second Opinion Medicine service includes:

  • a consultation between the referred worker and the medical specialist
  • initial telephone feedback to the worker’s treating medical practitioner after the consultation
  • a short 1-2 page report containing advice and recommendations for improving patient recovery and functioning sent solely to the referring doctor

Please note, the Second Opinion specialist is unable to refer for further assessment or imaging.

A Second Opinion Medicine Service will not provide a medico-legal opinion or advice about claim liability.

When can I use Second Opinion Medicine?

A second opinion may be sought at any time during the life of a claim, when you have questions or concerns relating to the injured worker’s recovery or return to work.  The second opinion can also be sought if non-injury factors are impacting upon a patient's recovery and return to work.

Which specialists are available?

You can get a second opinion from the following medical specialists:

  • pain physicians
  • occupational physicians
  • psychiatrists
  • surgeons.

Other specialists may be available, contact a provider to discuss your needs.

How do I access this service?

ReturnToWorkSA have an arrangement with Second Opinion Medicine Service providers (PDF, 276 KB)- external site, who will coordinate your access to a specialist utilising a Second Opinion Medicine Referral Form- external site.

- external site

Medical Advisor

Our Medical Advisors can provide clinical support and guidance on all aspects of treating patients with a work injury, from prescribing active recovery to clinical support and problem solving. To connect with our Medical Advisors, contact Scheme Support on 8238 5757 or email

For general information about support services available, please contact Scheme Support on 08 8238 5757 or via email at