Video resources

Worksafe Queensland has developed a short video below about managing young workers. Watch this video to see two young workers going about their day’s work, and how their interactions with their supervisors can have different effects on the outcomes – for good or bad.

The right start: Building safe work for young workers

Take 5 for safety

The Master Builders Association's Take 5 system provides apprentices with a simple, effective way to help them stay safe at work. What can you do to make safety part of every day?

Download your free daily safety checklist.

A young worker’s injury: Jay’s story

In 2007 Jay was a 24 year old carpenter when he was injured at work and suffered a severe brain injury. Jay’s mother Carol, shares how Jay's injury has change his life and his family's.

Out of sight doesn't mean out of mind

This ad, developed as part of the Mental Health Coalition's AdMental event, is targeted to young people to help build individual and community awareness of mental health.