Your claims agent

EML and Gallagher Bassett are appointed as South Australia’s claims agents for the Return to Work scheme.

Scheme resources are focused on achieving early, sustainable outcomes that will continue to deliver an affordable, desirable and durable scheme for all participants. To help achieve this, both claims agents follow one service model.

The ReturnToWorkSA service standards outline the service you can expect to receive from us and our claims agents. These standards encourage positive, service focused relationships between us, our claims agents, injured workers and employers.

With the same service model being provided by both claims agents, change of employers between claims agents may only be facilitated when:

  • an employer’s size or nature of business changes as a result of the purchasing, merging or takeover of another business
  • an employer who is grouped and holds policies with both claims agents wants to consolidate their registrations to one agent
  • there has been a significant service failure, in which case ReturnToWorkSA expects employers to work with their existing claims agent to remedy the services before considering a request to change claims agent.

For further information, please contact us on 13 18 55.