ReCONNECT – Supporting workers throughout any stage of their claim journey

Meet Mary:

Mary is a 45 year old retail manager, who injured herself at work six weeks ago. Since then, Mary has discovered her 8 year old daughter has a disability.
Mary and her husband have begun experiencing relationship difficulties as they continue to face challenges accessing support for their daughter. As a result of these circumstances, Mary has found it difficult to focus on her recovery and participate in return to work activities.

Through a ReCONNECT referral, Mary and her family were supported to identify, navigate and access suitable disability support services for her daughter. This included respite care, assistance with the activities of daily living (for her daughter), personal equipment, and links to peer social support.

Additionally, Mary and her husband were supported to access community based, relationship and family counselling services to help them adjust to their family’s circumstances.

This support allowed Mary to re-focus on her own recovery and continue to participate in return to work activities, resulting in her eventually returning to work with her pre-injury employer.

What is ReCONNECT?

ReCONNECT is a free and voluntary service that helps workers identify and navigate community supports they need during a work injury.

The Reconnect service is quite expansive, and in addition to the supports identified for Mary, a ReCONNECT Advisor can help workers access:

  • financial counselling
  • housing support services
  • mental health services
  • health services in the community
  • family, legal and community services
  • career guidance and job search support
  • age, gender and cultural services
  • training, skills development, volunteering
  • Centrelink
  • regional services in SA.

Injured workers and their immediate support person (aged > 16 years) are eligible for ReCONNECT under the following circumstances:

  • at any stage during a work injury claim
  • when a claim has been rejected
  • when income support is ending
  • if disputing a claim decision
  • if approaching retirement age
  • for employees of self-insured employers.

ReCONNECT Advisors can engage with workers face to face, virtually, over the phone or via email, and because it is a person centred service, the assistance will vary depending on the workers individual circumstances. The support could be as simple as providing advice and information regarding relevant services or for more complex matters, providing ongoing and longer-term support and assistance for up to 12 months from referral.

How can I help as a Return to Work Coordinator?

As an engaged Return to Work Coordinator, you are often best positioned to identify when a worker may be experiencing personal and social difficulties, which may be prohibiting a successful recovery and return to work.

Return to Work Coordinators are encouraged to have a conversation with their workers about the ReCONNECT service, and if the worker agrees, the Return to Work Coordinator can refer the worker to ReCONNECT without the need for claims manager approval.

Referring to ReCONNECT early, ensures workers can get timely assistance, reducing the impact of these issues on their life, their recovery and their return to work – which benefits the individual and the business.

To make a referral on behalf of a worker, contact ReCONNECT on 8238 5959 or
Workers can also self-refer by contacting ReCONNECT directly.