Recovery and return to work

Service standard one: View a worker’s recovery and return to work as the primary goal if a worker is injured while at work.

A worker’s recovery and return to work is our primary goal.

  • We will provide support and services to workers and employers to help with a worker’s recovery and return to work. If the services are not delivering the expected outcome, we will work with you on alternative options.
  • We will keep workers, their employer and the treating practitioner up to date and informed at all times.
  • Workers with a severe traumatic injury will receive support through a specialised service which meets their lifetime care and support needs. This support will help them to achieve a sustainable quality of life in line with their abilities and to pursue their aspirations.
  • We will educate and support stakeholders who have a role in the Return to Work scheme to ensure that a worker’s recovery and return to work is the primary goal.

If you do not believe our service standards have been met you can raise the issue directly with the person or agency.

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