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Fees and charges

There is an application fee for making a Freedom of Information (FOI) application and for making an application to review an FOI determination (decision).

There is no application fee to make a FOI application to amend your personal records.

The following fee and charges are effective from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Activity Fee
Application fee $38.25
Processing fees

Personal information

  • No charge for the first 2 hours spent processing an application
  • $14.40 for each subsequent 15 minutes spent by the agency

All other information

  • $14.40 for each subsequent 15 minutes spent by the agency
Photocopying $0.20 per page
Written transcripts $8.55 per page
Copying photographs, x-rays and electronic media Actual cost
Postage and delivery Actual cost
Application for renewal of a determination $38.25

Waiver and remission

Fees or charges may be remitted or waived if you:

  • hold a current State concession card issued by the Commonwealth;
  • hold a current concession card issued by the Department for Family and Community Services;
  • are totally and permanently incapacitated disability pensioner;
  • are a British Commonwealth Service Pensioner in receipt of a pension from and assessed as eligible by, the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs;
  • are in receipt of Commonwealth unemployment of sickness benefits or State financial assistance;
  • hold a full-time student identification card issued under the State Transport Authority Act 1974; or
  • are suffering from financial hardship,

If you believe that you are eligible for a reduction of fees and charges, please supply copies of supporting documents with your FOI application.