Creating a safer workplace

Good safety is good business

Investing in a safer workplace contributes to a happy and productive workforce and reduces the possibility of disruption to your business, including:


Productivity costs:

Lost productivity due to disruption and claim management time.

Replacement costs:

Where an injured worker needs time away from work to recover, you may find your business is affected by either lost production in their absence or costs to replace the worker.

Premium increases:

The ReturnToWorkSA premium system rewards employers with good safety performance. Providing a safe workplace can help to reduce your insurance premium.


A serious incident may result in the cessation of production to allow for a SafeWorkSA investigation. The resulting loss in production may cause significant disruption to your business.


Investing in a safe workplace is good business.

Simple steps to safety self-audit tool

This tool is designed to help you to assess your current health and safety practices and to identify any areas which you can improve. The tool will assist with creating and implementing an action plan and provides information on where you can go and who you can contact to get help with work health and safety.

Identifying suitable duties and injury risks by industry

Getting a worker back to work quickly after a work injury increases the likelihood of a full recovery and return to work and our job dictionaries are a useful tool for identifying suitable duties that can be performed while they recover from their injury.

Each of the following job dictionaries includes a job/task breakdown and guidance on the physical demands required for each task, injury risks and how each task can be performed safely.

Personalised support, SafeWork SA Workplace Advisory Service

SafeWork SA are committed to safe workplaces for all South Australians by providing information, support and advice to improve workplace safety for everyone. You can email SafeWork SA’s workplace advisory services team to request tailored face-to-face support and practical advice based on your workplace's industry, size, risk and complexity, or call 1300 365 255 and ask to speak to a WHS advisor.

WHS advisors can visit your workplace to help you understand your work health and safety responsibilities as well as provide practical support to improve your systems, practices and general approach to safety.