Workplace education

If your organisation has an appointed Return to Work Coordinator, they will be a great resource in managing the return to work process, but they can't do it alone. In order to achieve good recovery and return to work outcomes, mangers and leaders, co-workers and teammates all need to play a supportive role.

Educating managers and leaders

Educating managers and leaders about the important role they play in the return to work process is crucial to ensuring their workers receive the right support following injury.

Our Employer Education Advisors can deliver education to managers and leaders about the Return to Work scheme, strategies to identify return to work opportunities and how they can have a positive impact, and empower them to play an active role in recovery and return to work.

Mentally healthy workplaces

A mentally healthy workplace places the same importance on both mental and physical health and safety in the workplace. It has a positive workplace culture where people feel supported and able to do their best work, regardless of whether or not they have a mental health condition.

Our Mentally Healthy Workplaces Service and Employer Education Advisors can work together to support workplaces wanting to do more in the area of workplace mental health and injury management.

We can provide information on:

  • the impact of culture on recovery and return to work outcomes
  • building a culture of care at team level
  • how to have supportive conversations
  • the importance of a mentally healthy workplace
  • the role of managers and leaders in creating and sustaining mentally healthy workplaces.

If you are looking to create a mentally healthy workplace, there are many tools and resources- external site available to help.