Impairment assessment

If you have a permanent impairment resulting from your work injury, then an impairment assessment will be undertaken.

When there is medical evidence that your injury has stabilised, your claims agent will arrange a whole person impairment assessment with you.

You can choose the impairment assessor you wish to complete your assessment from a list of accredited impairment assessors.

The assessment is done according to a set of published guidelines and involves you meeting with the impairment assessor.

The assessor will ask you questions about your injury and examine you to determine your level of impairment. The assessor will also have access to medical information about your injury and recovery to ensure the impairment assessment is as accurate as possible.

The impairment assessment will determine:

  • whether the injury has reached maximum medical improvement
  • whether the injury has resulted in an impairment
  • whether the impairment is permanent
  • the degree of whole person impairment resulting from the work injury.

A report will be provided to your claims agent to help them make a determination for any lump sum payments. An impairment assessment is important as this will be used to determine your lump sum payments and whether you have access to ongoing serious injury support.

Every person’s situation and injury is unique which is why it’s important that you speak with your claims agent about any questions you may have.

Watch the videos below for an overview of a whole person impairment and what to expect from your impairment assessment.

What to expect from your impairment assessment

Video transcript