Re-employment incentive scheme for employers (RISE)

The Re-employment incentive scheme for employers (RISE) program provides incentives for employers to help people who have been injured at work to return to meaningful and ongoing employment if they are unable to return to their pre-injury employer. Businesses that employ a person with a work injury through the RISE program will receive a range of benefits and support including:

  • reimbursement of up to 100% of gross wages for the first 4 weeks of employment, followed with 50% of gross wages for the following 22 weeks of employment

  • support from a claims manager to ensure the transition into the new job is smooth for both the worker and the employer

  • payments to cover costs such as minor workplace modifications and equipment to assist the worker.

Information for employers
  • If you have a job vacancy and would like to participate in RISE, please contact your claims agent and complete the Job vacancy information and approval form (PDF, 115 KB).
  • If the job is suitable for a person with a work injury, their claims manager may contact you for additional information. If the worker is successfully matched to your position, their claims manager will discuss RISE benefits and the support available.

For more information on the RISE program please contact your claims agent.

Information for workers
  • If you have a work injury, returning to work is an important step in your recovery. If you have capacity for work but cannot return to your pre-injury employer, you may be eligible to participate in the RISE program.
  • Your claims manager can let you know when a suitable job is advertised through RISE and will ensure that you have your doctor’s approval to undertake the job before you apply.
  • If you find a suitable job vacancy yourself, you can discuss this with your claims manager and they can provide both you and the potential employer with information on RISE.

For more information on the RISE program please speak with your claims manager.

RISE brochure cover

Download PDF brochure for more information