Pre-recorded webinars

ReturnToWorkSA have an extensive range of pre-recorded webinars. These webinars cover various topics and are a great tool for Return to Work Coordinators and employers who want to effectively manage recovery, return to work and support wellbeing within the workplace.

It Pays to Care – short video series

As featured in our 2022/23 What’s On: Learning series, this six-part short video series, hosted by Employer Education Advisor Houda Peters & founder of Return to Work Matters, Dr Mary Wyatt explores key strategies for employers identified as part of the It Pays to Care Policy - a research paper focused on improving the work injury insurance experience and outcomes by addressing workers psychosocial factors.

The Flexible Workplace: Managing hybrid work environments *new

Whilst we recognise that flexible work arrangements may look different depending on your organisation and industry sector, offering a level of flexible work can help to create healthy and thriving workplaces – but how do you know what flexible work arrangements are right for your business? This webinar defines “flexible work”, explores both the benefits and potential challenges of offering flexible work, as well as success factors to ensuring sustainable implementation. The webinar also provides strategies to best support injured workers who require flexible work as part of their return to work.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces interactive online course

Our Mentally Healthy Workplaces interactive online course provides an alternative self-paced learning option for participants wanting to create a mentally healthy workplace. Developed in collaboration with GPEx, this module unpacks the “what”, “why” and “how” of a mentally healthy workplace and features videos, resources and interactive activities, providing an engaging experience which you can do at a time and place that suits you. The tool has been designed specifically to support employers, Return to Work Coordinators, managers and leaders, and will issue users with a certificate of completion.

To enrol in this free module, simply:

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Understanding your suitable employment obligations *new

The Return to Work Act 2014 places stringent obligations on employers to provide workers with suitable employment following a work injury.
Understanding your suitable employment obligations is a pre-recorded 30 minute webinar and provides an overview of suitable employment, an employer’s legal duty to provide work, and requirements around termination.

Managing the psychosocial issues of musculoskeletal disorders

Managing the psychosocial issues of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is a three-part series to help workplaces take a holistic view on managing MSDs by focusing on the psychosocial considerations that can impact these disorders. From a prevention and return to work perspective, each workshop will discuss tips and resources to help workplaces take action to address this major occupational health issue.

If you have any feedback or questions relating to this three-part series, please email

Self-care for Return to Work Coordinators

As a Return to Work Coordinator, we understand your priority is supporting your injured workers and employer to manage the injury and return to work process, but how do you care for you? Presented by Psychologist Pat Hosking, this webinar is aimed at Return to Work Coordinators, but also a valuable workplace resource, with a focus on:

  • identifying and managing stress
  • improved wellbeing using RAW 7 sustain method
  • tools and resources for self-care planning.

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Managing musculoskeletal injuries

Introduction to Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries is part 1 of a 4-part series helping to demystify and provide practical tools to manage return to work after MSK injury. Presented by Cassandra Zaina (ReturnToWorkSA Physiotherapy Advisor). This webinar series is aimed at Return to Work Coordinators, and focuses on:

  • demystifying musculoskeletal injury and terminology
  • barriers to successful recovery following injury
  • general tools for return to work.

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Parts 2 to 4 focus on anatomy, recovery timeframes, and return to work considerations for:

Doctor Doctor - gimme the news!

Communicating with doctors about workplace injury - Presented by Dr Chris Bollen (ReturnToWorkSA Medical Advisor). This webinar is aimed at Return To Work Coordinators and focuses on:

  • understanding the role of the GP in managing work injury and return to work
  • exploring the issues that the GP might face managing return to work, including reluctance to certify capacity
  • understanding how a Return To Work Coordinator can influence a GP's engagement in the return to work process.

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Medications for pain management in the workplace

Presented by Dr Jacinta Johnson (Senior Pharmacist, Medication Safety, SA Pharmacy). This webinar is aimed at Return To Work Coordinators and focuses on:

  • examining pain management and the role medication can play
  • unpacking the different types of medications used to manage pain
  • different medication effects
  • workplace considerations
  • what you can do if you perceive any issues.

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A head start - Maximising the Heads Up resource

This webinar is aimed at those workplaces that are looking for resources in the area of mentally healthy workplaces but are unsure where to start or how to build on their existing programs. Mardi Webber, Mentally Healthy Workplaces Consultant ReturnToWorkSA, is joined by Catherine Doherty from Beyond Blue who helps us to take a deeper dive into Heads Up website. This website, developed by Beyond Blue and supported by the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Alliance, provides a wide range of resources, tools and guidance information to any workplace, in any industry, to help create healthy workplaces.

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Getting the most out of Return to Work Matters

Presented by Mary Wyatt (Return To Work Matters, in collaboration with ReturnToWorkSA). This webinar is aimed at South Australian Return To Work Coordinators, and focuses on how coordinators can navigate, utilise and get the most out of the templates and resources provided on the Return To Work Matters website.

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