Direct debit service agreement

On receipt of your completed direct debit request form:

  • On the 7th of each month from October to June, ReturnToWorkSA will initiate and process the instalment amount
    via direct debit.
  • If the 7th of each month is a non-business day, then ReturnToWorkSA will process the debit on the first business
    day after the 7th.
  • The agreed amount will be automatically processed unless you advise ReturnToWorkSA of changes to the estimated
    remuneration at least five business days prior to the specified date.
  • Based on your latest remuneration return, ReturnToWorkSA will recalculate the appropriate instalment amount and advise
    you in writing if the amount is to be altered. If you disagree with the new amount you will need to contact ReturnToWorkSA.


  1. Direct debit is not available on the full range of accounts. If in doubt, check with your financial institution.
  2. ReturnToWorkSA will only process premium/fee payments in accordance with your direct debit request form.
  3. On receipt of your direct debit request form, ReturnToWorkSA will confirm the agreement (and any subsequent
    amendments) in writing.
  4. ReturnToWorkSA will provide you with at least 14 days notice where ReturnToWorkSA proposes to vary the details in this
  5. You will need to provide at least five days notice where you need to vary details in this arrangement. If you wish to defer
    or vary the terms of this agreement, contact ReturnToWorkSA.
  6. A direct debit remains in force until it is cancelled. If you wish to cancel your direct debit or stop an individual payment,
    you must contact ReturnToWorkSA and give at least five business days notice.
  7. Direct all queries, requests for cancellation of a direct debit or requests to stop individual payment to ReturnToWorkSA.
  8. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funds available in your account on the requested or due date to permit the
    payment to be processed in accordance with your direct debit request form.
  9. If a debit item is returned unpaid by your financial institution you may be liable for any fees charged by that financial
  10. If you change your account and want to continue using direct debit, you can login to online services to update your direct debit details or contact ReturnToWorkSA..
  11. ReturnToWorkSA is very careful to protect the privacy of any personal information supplied. Some information may be
    given to financial institutions involved in the event of a direct debit dispute, or to verify that we have received a direct
    debit request form from you.

Late payments

Payments not received by ReturnToWorkSA by the 7th of each month from October to June may be subject to a late payment
fine being imposed.

Disputing a direct debit item

If you wish to dispute any direct debit item, please contact ReturnToWorkSA with relevant details.

  • On receipt of your dispute, ReturnToWorkSA will contact you and attempt to resolve the issue within 24 hours.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved within 24 hours, ReturnToWorkSA will negotiate a refund with you.
  • Once your dispute has been investigated, we will contact you with the outcome and confirm it in writing. It may be necessary
    for you to pay any outstanding premium/fee where a refund has previously been initiated as a result of your dispute.