My claim app

The My Claim app helps you manage your work injury claim information.

My Claim app features

Through the My Claim app you can:

  • see claim details and switch between claims if you have multiple claims
  • submit receipts and see your payment history
  • submit documents including Work Capacity Certificates and payslips
  • view information about recovering and returning to work
  • contact your Claims Manager
  • see your claim information in one place
  • update your contact and bank details.

How to download the app

The My Claim app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

App Store link Google Play store link

Search for ‘rtwsa’ or 'my claim' to find the My Claim app and download the app onto your device.

How to login to the app

Login using your 10 digit mobile number with no spaces.

More information

For more information about the My Claim app, speak to your Claims Manager.

My claim app overview video

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Transcript of My claim app overview video

My claim app

Helping you to manage your work injury claim information.

Getting started

It’s quick and easy to sing up for the My claim app.

Click 'Login'.

Enter your mobile number to receive a unique access code.

Click the 'Send code' button.

Enter the unique code and then create your security access.


View all of the app features.

Tap or swipe to begin a tour.

To skip the tour, tick 'Don't show this again' and click the 'Skip' button.

Select claim

Click the 'Select claim' button to see your claim information and receive notifications about your claim.

Submit a receipt

Click the 'Submit a receipt' button to submit a receipt for reimbursement and see your payment history.

Click the 'Take photo' button or 'Select photo' button or 'Select PDF" button to take a photo of your receipt or send us a PDF through the app.

Submit a document

Click the 'Submit a document' button to submit a document to your claims manager.

Select document type from the list.

Check what you have sent through the submission log and click 'OK'.

Recovery and return to work support

Click the 'Recovery & return to work support' button to view helpful recovery and return to work support information.

Click the 'Contact claims agent button' to contact your claims agent by phone or email through the app.

Manage personal details and see claim details

Click the person icon on the top right of the screen to:

  • update your personal and bank details
  • view your claim details
  • log off.

Download the app now to manage your claim information easily.