Return to Work Coordinator certificate training

Businesses who employ more than 30 workers for three or more months are required to appoint a certified return to work coordinator who has completed a training course approved by ReturnToWorkSA. This training provides participants with an understanding of the role, functions and responsibilities of a return to work coordinator. Participants will be provided with tools and resources to assist with:

  • preparing the workplace
  • what to do when a worker is injured
  • effective communication
  • identifying return to work barriers and facilitators.

A certificate is obtained upon successfully completing training. There is no requirement for certified return to work coordinators who have previously completed an approved course to undertake ‘refresher’ training.

ReturnToWorkSA has approved the following providers to deliver this course:

Provider Registration details

Corporate Health Group (CHG)

103 Henley Beach Road, Mile End SA 5031

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For further information please phone (08) 8352 9888 or email

Innovative Training & Recruitment (through Konekt Ltd)

490 Regency Road, Enfield SA 5085

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For further information please phone (08) 8214 4000 or email

GRAMAC Solutions (regional provider)

1A Hedley Street
Mount Gambier. SA 5290

Click here to enquire about scheduled training sessions and opportunities to register.

For further information please phone (08) 8724 8577 or email


Various locations

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For further information please phone (08) 7210 3815 or contact TAFE SA

Skill building sessions

These voluntary sessions are designed to equip return to work coordinators with the skills and knowledge needed to maximise their role in the return to work process, and minimise the impact and cost of a work injury.

Workshops include:

  • "Back to Basics" Skills Workshop (refresher course)
  • Demystifying Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Understanding Chronic Pain
  • Courageous Conversations

You can find out more information about our workshops, and register for sessions by visiting our events page or you can download our printable 2019-20 calendar.

Webinars for Return to Work Coordinators

ReturnToWorkSA also run a number of Webinar events for return to work coordinators. Recordings of our previous webinars are provided below when they are available:

  • "Self-care for Return to Work Coordinators" - As a Return to Work Coordinator, we understand your priority is supporting your injured workers and employer to manage the injury and return to work process, but how do you care for you? Presented by Psychologist Pat Hosking, this webinar is aimed at Return to Work Coordinators, but also a valuable workplace resource, with a focus on:
    • identifying and managing stress
    • improved wellbeing using RAW 7 sustain method
    • tools and resources for self-care planning.
  • "Managing musculoskeletal injuries - Part 1 of 4" - (April 2019) Introduction to Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries is part 1 of a 4 part series helping to demystify and provide practical tools to manage return to work after MSK injury. Presented by Cassandra Zaina (ReturnToWorkSA Physiotherapy Advisor). This webinar series is aimed at Return to Work Coordinators, and focuses on:
    • demystifying musculoskeletal injury and terminology
    • barriers to successful recovery following injury
    • general tools for return to work.
  • Parts 2 to 4 focus on anatomy, recovery timeframes, and return to work considerations for:
  • "Doctor Doctor - Gimme the news!" - (Nov 2017) Communicating with Doctors about Workplace Injury - Presented by Dr Chris Bollen (ReturnToWorkSA Medical Advisor) and Elaine Solomon (ReturnToWorkSA Employer Education Advisor). This webinar is aimed at Return To Work Coordinators, and focuses on:
    • understanding the role of the GP in managing work injury and return to work
    • exploring the issues that the GP might face managing return to work, including reluctance to certify capacity
    • understanding how a Return To Work Coordinator can influence a GPs engagement in the return to work process.
  • "Medications for Pain Management in the Workplace" - (May 2018) Presented by Dr Jacinta Johnson (Senior Pharmacist, Medication Safety, SA Pharmacy). This webinar is aimed at Return To Work Coordinators, and focuses on:
    • examining pain management and the role medication can play
    • unpacking the different types of medications used to manage pain
    • different medication effects
    • workplace considerations
    • what you can do if you perceive any issues.
  • "Mentally Healthy Workplaces" - (Sept 2018) Presented by Mardi Webber (ReturnToWorkSA Mentally Healthy Workplaces Consultant). This webinar is aimed at Return To Work Coordinators, and focuses on:
    • understanding why it's important to focus on mental health in the workplace
    • critical success factors and making your workplace thrive
    • free tools and resources that are available to support you in your role
    • how to take action.
  • "Getting the most out of Return To Work Matters" - (Nov 2018) Presented by Mary Wyatt (Return To Work Matters, in collaboration with ReturnToWorkSA). This webinar is aimed at South Australian Return To Work Coordinators, and focuses on how coordinators can navigate, utilise and get the most out of the templates and resources provided on the Return To Work Matters website.