Work Injury Guide for Medical Practitioners

Work injury guide for medical practitioners

Medical practitioners play a central role in assisting injured workers following a work injury, with their patients relying on them to guide their recovery. ReturnToWorkSA is committed to supporting those who provide treatment ensuring access to information about the South Australian Return to Work scheme, including tools and resources and available supports for them and their patients.

A Work Injury Guide for Medical Practitioners has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Medical Association South Australia (AMA(SA)) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to assist medical practitioners to understand the Return to Work scheme and how best they can support their patient with recovery and return to life and work.

The Guide provides clear and easy to read information essential for medical practitioners working within the Return to Work scheme.

It is an excellent resource for medical practitioners explaining the processes from beginning to end. Chapters include:

  • Health Benefits of Work
  • The Mobile Claims Management Model
  • Certifying Capacity
  • Clinical Support Services for Treating Medical Practitioners and their patients
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the Work Injury Guide (PDF, 1348 KB) or order a copy by emailing or calling 8238 5757.