Case studies and testimonials

A range of South Australian businesses have implemented a mentally healthy workplace program, achieving positive benefits for their workers and workplaces. We hope these case studies help you to consider how you might implement similar initiatives in your workplace.

Our Mentally Healthy Workplaces Consultant, Mardi Webber, can provide tailored support to help your workplace implement a health and wellbeing program. For more information email Mardi or call 08 8233 2495.

Hansen Yuncken

"Mardi has been a great support in assisting HY with our Health and Wellbeing Program.

Very early in our journey we met with Mardi who provided valuable guidance – an initial ‘where to start’ meeting and with this, references to support tools, materials and references to other support networks.

HY have continued to deal with Mardi – she addressed our management group with guidance and counsel at a strategic level when we were forming our Health and Wellbeing strategy and plan and I’ve continued with keeping in touch with Mardi along the journey.

Mardi has been a great sounding board for HY, always very friendly, approachable and very willing to assist. Mardi is truly passionate about building ‘mentally healthy workplaces’ and is great source of information, willing to assist and share insights and experiences.

Thank you Mardi for all your support – I am excited to continue sharing updates on our journey with you!!"

Lisa D'Andrea
HR Manager, Hansen Yuncken


"After attending a return to work coordinators ‘refresher’ training day, our return to work coordinator (RTWC) reached out to ReturnToWorkSA for an onsite consultation/training. The mentally healthy workplace consultant also attended and went through the tools and information available to all RTWC from many different sources to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing. Together we analysed what would be suitable and effective to the Ridley SA site. The RTWC then created a tailored plan to improve the employees' overall workplace wellbeing. We created a wellbeing calendar with a specific topic to focus on improving employees overall wellbeing. This included participating in fundraising event such as R U OK day, Steptember, Movember, etc. But also included looking at what resources our company had available for employees and their families, financial advice among other initiatives. The site Health and Safety Representatives agreed to take on a topic each making the workload for this project spread out. This idea came from resources given to us during the visit from ReturnToWorkSA consultants.

Within a couple month this really took off with the HSRs leading some fundraising events, raising awareness and some money to donate towards the cause. They reported back that they actually enjoyed running these and found they “got closer to other workers because of it”. The overall wellbeing has dramatically improved at the site, and we are only half way through the calendar.

Thank you to ReturnToWorkSA for their help and assistance with helping to implement such a good program and giving us so much guidance, information, tools and support on our mental health and wellbeing journey."

Kate Maynard
Shift Manager

OG Roberts

Mardi presented to the OG Roberts workforce about the importance of mental health. Watch the below video to hear Bryce Roberts, Dealer Principal, talk about the presentation.