Male and female worker on construction site

Serious injury support

Our commitment to you

The intent of the Return to Work Act is to help injured workers recover from their injuries and return to safe, sustainable employment. ReturnToWorkSA believes all injured workers, including those with a serious injury, should be provided with the same opportunities to access employment in the open labour market and experience the health benefits of work. Being employed will positively impact your quality of life by providing a sense of purpose and deeper connection with the community.

It is our intention to guide and support you to re-engage with the community. This may include retraining and reskilling you into employment that is better suited to your current capabilities.

We will:

  • work with you and your doctor to understand what you can do safely with consideration to your injury
  • take into account your work history, skills and experience to help identify the type of
    employment that is best suited to your personal circumstances
  • provide tailored support including access to specialised services such as work simulation, vocational guidance and suitable retraining. Given the long-term relationship you may have with the Scheme, we can explore longer-term training options where there is a likelihood of finding employment.

ReturnToWorkSA acknowledges that the health benefits of returning to work are not limited to full time employment only. Depending on your unique circumstances, the most suitable goal for you may be participation in volunteer work, casual or
part-time employment.

We recognise that from time-to-time, returning to work might not progress as expected. This can occur due to pressures such as an economic downturn or a flare-up of your injury. The serious injury benefits package provides ongoing coverage, even once you have returned to employment.

With this commitment, we hope to build your trust and confidence to engage and explore return to work opportunities. We will continue to provide support throughout the journey back to work and on an ongoing basis once a return to work has occurred.

Michael Francis