Welcome to our new home page

(17 January 2020) We have redesigned our website (www.rtwsa.com) so that our key customers can more easily find the information that they need.

What are the changes?

Home page redesign

Employers, workers and service providers can easily access the information that they most commonly seek through new quick links.

Screen shot of home page indicating the location of the menu icons for employers, workers and service providers

While this provides quick access to the most commonly sought information, all information on our website can still be accessed via the top menu and search.

Screen shot of website indicating the location of the top navigation and search box

The new home page also provides quick access to:

  • online services for employers, self-insured employers and service providers
  • report an injury or make a claim
  • register for work injury insurance cover
  • our latest news
  • quick links to tools and resources.

Mobile menu redesign

Our menu on mobile devices has also been improved so that it is more intuitive and easier to use.