State wide engagement underway with workers transitioning from Return to Work scheme

Issued: 12 May 2016

People with a work injury and the medical providers who treat them are being contacted by ReturnToWorkSA as part of a state wide program to help people transition from the Scheme.

Under the Return to Work scheme, people injured at work may receive income support to cover loss of wages for up to two years, or until retirement age if they are assessed as seriously injured. People injured at work may also be entitled to financial support for medical expenses for up to 12 months after income support ceases, or for life if seriously injured.

For people who were not receiving income support as part of their claim on 1 July 2015 when the Return to Work scheme commenced, an additional 12 months of financial support for their medical expenses was provided. This support ceases on 30 June this year.

ReturnToWorkSA Deputy CEO Rob Cordiner said these changes to work injury insurance placed an emphasis on better patient health outcomes through early intervention, personalised services and recovery at work.

ReturnToWorkSA and its team have been working with medical and allied health providers for some months to assist them with the transition of their patients.

“Medical providers should be aware that some of their patients will need their help to prepare for transition from workers compensation funded services to other services available to all South Australians, such as Medicare,” said Mr Cordiner.

ReturnToWorkSA and its claims agents have been directly contacting the person injured and their medical providers since the new Scheme began in mid-2015 to ensure they are aware of the upcoming change to the financial support received through their employer’s insurance.

“Every person’s circumstances are different so we encourage individuals to speak to their case manager and medical providers about their specific situation and options for continuing treatment if necessary,” said Mr Cordiner.

Medical providers, workers and employers who need more information or assistance should contact their claims agent.