Remuneration and reconciliation

Read about changes to the 2019-20 premium process.

If you are a South Australian business registered with us, you will need to provide a remuneration return and reconciliation statement by 31 July every year to help us to accurately calculate your insurance premium.

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You must keep an accurate account of all remuneration paid or payable to your workers. Any accounts and other information required to be kept must be within South Australia and in the English language.

Remuneration return

Your remuneration return sets out your estimated total remuneration for the financial year ahead. This allows us to calculate your insurance premium for the coming year.

It is important that you provide an accurate estimate of your remuneration; otherwise you may find yourself paying too much or not enough insurance premium.  Refer to the remuneration guide to find out all the things you must consider when submitting your remuneration return.

You need to advise us as soon as possible if you find that the remuneration you have paid or are liable to pay is likely to exceed your original estimate by more than 20 percent. You can do this by calling us on 13 18 55.

Reconciliation statement

Your reconciliation statement sets out the actual total remuneration paid for the previous financial year. We need this information to calculate your adjusted premium for the previous financial year.

We also require details of businesses (labour hire suppliers) who have supplied labour to you during this period. You will need to provide the name/s of the labour supply businesses you have used, their ABN and the total contract amount paid to each business during the previous financial year. To check if the business you have engaged is registered with ReturnToWorkSA use our online employer lookup feature.

For more information about remuneration and reconciliation, please call us on 13 18 55.