Tools and resources for a mentally healthy workplace

There are a range of tools and resources available for small, medium and large businesses to assist you in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Creating an action plan

A first step is identifying priority areas of focus for your business and then developing an action plan for your business. Heads Up provides a free and simple action plan tool to help you develop a tailored strategy. This can be developed in less than two minutes, but you may wish to engage your staff as part of the process.

Based on your workplace needs, you'll get a range of recommended actions that you can then tailor to suit your needs, including adding responsibilities and timeframes for completion.

Useful tools and resources

Heads Up provides a range of free tools for businesses to get started in their mentally healthy workplace journey.

Workplace stress is recognised as a major challenge for business and leaders and the impact it has on staff health, safety and wellbeing is significant.

Safe Work Australia has developed national guidance material for work-related psychological health and safety to assist workplaces in preventing psychological injuries and supporting recovery.

Business SA has developed a practical guide, factsheets and supporting documents for leaders of staff within small to medium business which provide information about recognising, preventing and managing risk factors related to stress in the workplace.


"Mentally Healthy Workplaces" - (Sept 2018) Presented by Mardi Webber (Mentally Healthy Workplaces Consultant, ReturnToWorkSA). This webinar focuses on:

  • understanding why it's important to focus on mental health in the workplace
  • critical success factors and making your workplace thrive
  • free tools and resources that are available to support you in your role
  • how to take action.

"How to run a mental health toolbox talk training session in your workplace" - Presented by Mardi Webber (Mentally Healthy Workplaces Consultant, ReturnToWorkSA) and Catherine Doherty (Workplace Engagement team, beyondblue)

beyondblue's ‘Mental health in the workplace’ Toolbox Talk training package provides workplaces with free resources to equip team leaders, or anyone managing staff, with the skills and confidence to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace, reduce stigma and support staff experiencing a mental health condition.

How we can help

Our specialised mentally healthy workplaces consultant can help you to identify and reduce risk factors to mental health in your workplace and work with you to provide practical support, advice and resources. Contact us on 13 18 55 or by emailing

Services available for businesses and individuals


Learn more about anxiety and depression, or you or your employee can talk any issues through with their free support service. Phone 1300 22 4636 or visit their website to email or chat online.

Heads Up

Heads Up supports Australian businesses to create more mentally healthy workplaces. Access a wide range of resources, information and advice for all employees and create a tailored action plan for your business.

Heads Up has a dynamic social media news feed at the bottom of their home page to help readers keep up to date on workplace mental health news.

Suicide and crisis support

If you or an employee is in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harming yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000.

To talk to someone now call these 24 hour support services: