ReturnToWorkSA Annual Report and scheme performance 2021-22

The ReturnToWorkSA Annual Report 2021-22 highlights the achievements of the Return to Work scheme and addresses our strategic objectives.

Improvement in return to work rates

The Scheme continues to support the state’s injured workers and employers, achieving its best return to work performance since 2018.

More information on our insurance performance can be found on pages 12-15.

Legislation changes explained

The Annual Report outlines the key changes to the Return to Work scheme as a result of the Return to Work (Scheme Sustainability) Amendment Bill 2022.

Explanation on legislation changes can be found on page 16.

Financial results

Improved return to work rates, legislation changes, discount rates and investment results all had a significant impact on the financial results for 2021-22.

Further summary on our financial results can be found on pages 17-19.

Annual Report 2021-22

ReturnToWorkSA Annual Report 2021-22
(PDF, 3139 KB)

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