People are returning to work sooner

(14 December 2023)

A record number of people injured at work are returning to work and life sooner after injury.

infographic showing the percentage of injured workers remaining at or returning to work after a certain number of weeks. After 4 weeks, 83% are back at work. After 13 weeks, 92% are back at work. After 26 weeks, 95% are back at work, and after 103 weeks, 96% are back at work.

92%* of injured workers have remained at or returned to work within 13 weeks of injury, up from 90% last year. By 26 weeks, this increases to 95%*.

With 12,000 claims per year, a 1% improvement in return to work rates can mean 120 people returning to work and life sooner.

In addition to the community and individual benefit of more people realising the health benefits of work, this result also underpins our ongoing efforts to ease pressure on employer premiums.

Earlier support for workers and employers

Earlier and more meaningful support provided to workers and their employers after an injury at work has contributed to these record return to work rates.

Visits by mobile claims managers has increased by 18%, averaging 1,885 face-to-face visits per month. Over the past three years, we have increased the number of mobile claims managers at our claims agents by 30%, allowing them to visit and start providing support to workers and employers after injury up to eight days sooner.

Benefits of returning to work sooner

Research shows that being at work positively impacts quality of life. Physical activity, community and social contact, daily structure and financial security are all key benefits for workers who are able to return to work sooner. Returning to work is returning to life for many people.

Being away from work can slow down injury recovery. The longer someone is away from work, the less likely they are to ever return at all.

*2022-23 Financial Year results.