Healthy Workplaces – supporting SA workplaces to thrive

(27 October 2020) Today a new charter was signed to announce the Collaborative Partnership for Workplace Health and Wellbeing in South Australia and launch the Healthy Workplaces website

ReturnToWorkSA is a proud member of the Collaborative Partnership together with state government bodies, industry, statutory insurers, academics and unions reflecting a commitment towards improving workplace health, safety and wellbeing across South Australia.

With the rates of chronic disease and mental health conditions in the workplace on the rise, it’s imperative we work together to create a coordinated and innovative response to support industries and workplaces to thrive.

The Healthy Workplaces website was developed by the Collaborative Partnership and is a central source for South Australian employers and workers to access information and practical tools to support workplace health and wellbeing.

The website provides business leaders and workers with the information they need to create a healthy workplace which contributes to greater productivity outcomes, fewer work-related injuries and illnesses, positive workplace culture and improved health and wellbeing outcomes for workers.

Please visit the new Healthy Workplaces website for information, tools and resources.

A healthy workplaces benefits businesses and workers: greater enagement and productivity, fewer work-related injuries and illnesses, improved health and wellbeing outcomes for workers. Healthy Workplaces - Supporting SA workplaces to thrive.