ReturnToWorkSA and COVID-19

(Updated 18 July 2022)

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, with symptoms ranging from a mild cough to pneumonia.

For the latest information and advice about COVID-19, visit the Department of Health website or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line (24/7) on 1800 020 080.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace

All employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. For information on what measures you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, keep your staff safe and meet your safety and industrial legislative obligations, view the links below:

Support services

We recognise that people may be experiencing anxiety, distress and concern in relation to COVID-19. Below are some resources which you may find useful to distribute in your workplace to help look after the mental health and wellbeing of yourself and your workforce. If you have an existing Employee Assistance Program, you can remind staff about how to access this service, including the ability to access this service over the phone during periods of self-isolation or quarantine: