We’re supporting driver health

(04 October 2023)

ReturnToWorkSA’s Healthy Workplaces team is supporting the transport industry to create healthier workplaces through better understanding of the needs of drivers.

This follows the release of the findings of a Monash University study into the health impacts of those working in the transport sector.

Driving Health highlights the difficulties faced by drivers while on the road, such as trouble finding healthy meals, lack of opportunity for physical activity, poor rest stop facilities, time pressures and isolation from family and friends.

While these issues are longstanding, the Driving Health project has, for the first time, drawn concrete connections between these working conditions and poorer health outcomes for drivers. The project found that truck drivers are significantly more likely to have high blood pressure, obesity, mental health conditions and chronic back pain than the general population.

ReturnToWorkSA will assist transport companies with creating ‘Healthier Workplaces’ by addressing the risk factors the drivers face.

In addition, a ‘Healthy Transport Collaborative’ group will be brought together where members of the transport industry can share ideas about how we can better tackle these issues.

If you would like to register your interest in participating in the collaborative or organise a meeting with our Healthy Workplace Advisor, please contact Amanda via healthyworkplaces@rtwsa.com or on 0448 743 817.