Regulating self-insured

ReturnToWorkSA is responsible for regulating self-insured employers in South Australia to make sure:

To demonstrate compliance, self-insured businesses must provide the following information annually:

  • actuarial reports
  • financial guarantees
  • excess of loss insurance, and
  • claims data (generally provided fortnightly).

As part of the self-insurance registration requirements, self-insured businesses must also provide a completed self-assessment report. The information provided in this report will help us maintain our knowledge of self-insured employers and assist in the evaluation of their work health safety and injury management systems against the performance standards outlined in our Code of conduct for self-insured employers (PDF, 7971 KB).

Evaluation of self-insured employers

A self-insured employer is required (six months prior to the expiry of a period of registration)  to apply in writing for renewal of its registration as a self-insured employer.

ReturnToWorkSA provides a template application letter for use by self-insured employers. The content and format of the application is not prescribed and use of the template application letter is not mandatory.

ReturnToWorkSA will undertake an evaluation of the self-insured employer prior to the end of the registration period and whether the self-insured employer continues to meet the conditions of registration.

Evaluations are undertaken in line with the Code of conduct for self-insured employers and the Evaluation practice manual.

On 1 July 2015 new Injury management standards were introduced. These standards are contained within the Code of conduct for self-insured employers (PDF, 7971 KB). A guidance note has been developed to assist self-insured employers in demonstrating compliance to the Injury management standards.