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Online services FAQs for providers

How will online services benefit me?

  • Submit invoices online and get paid within 3 business days - using our online services is the most efficient way to send multiple invoices for processing.
  • Receive and accept or reject referrals quickly and easily online (for return to work service providers and job placement service providers).
  • Submit documents online such as medical reports, return to work plans and health management plans.
  • Reconcile payments and export them as a CSV file to upload to your accounting software.
  • Receive and modify notifications for key events such as invoices not paid.
  • Check if your patient has a current claim.

How do I register for online services?

Please complete a registration form (PDF, 96 KB).

Note: If you are a new user please check that your provider number is registered with us by contacting us on 13 18 55 or prov.main@rtwsa.com.

How do I login to online services?

Click the 'Login' button on the header of our website.

You can also directly access the login page at login.rtwsa.com.

What if I have lost my username and/or password?

If you have lost your username and/or password, please contact us on 13 18 55 or info@rtwsa.com.

Can I reset my own password?

You can reset your own password when logged in to our online services in your profile settings.

Do I need multiple user accounts if I work for multiple providers?

No. Using our new online services you can manage multiple providers under one account.

What browser should I use?

Our online services work best in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge.

You may experience issues if using older browser versions. We recommend upgrading your browser or using an alternative.

Can I bulk upload invoices?

Yes. You can bulk upload invoices in CSV format as a CSV or TXT file.

How long does it take for invoices to be paid?

By submitting invoices through our online services, you will be paid within 72 hours (business days), provided the claim has been accepted and the data items required have been provided.

Can I reconcile payments online?

Yes. You can reconcile payments in real-time in Payment history.

Will you still send me a hard copy remittance advice?

No. Remittance advices will be available for view and download from our online services in Payment history.

Can I check if my patient has a current claim?

Yes. You can search by claim number or patient details to find out if your patient has a current claim.

What types of documents can I submit online?

  • Case conference summary
  • Chiropractic management plan
  • Investigation correspondence
  • Medical report
  • Occupational therapy management plan
  • Osteopathy management plan
  • Permanent impairment assessment report
  • Physiotherapy management plan
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work plan
  • Rehabilitation correspondence/report
  • Return to Work plan
  • Speech pathology management plan

Will more features be added to online services?

Yes. Our online services will continually be reviewed and improved to provide you with a better way to do business with us.

Need more help?

Contact us on 13 18 55 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday or email info@rtwsa.com.

To ensure we provide a better service for you, we would like to hear about your experience using our online services.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us on 13 18 55 or info@rtwsa.com.