Risk management services

Costs related to work injuries and claims management have a direct impact on your annual work injury insurance premium. Businesses that effectively manage and control both physical and psychosocial risks keep their annual premium to a minimum and create a positive and productive workforce culture.

Meet our team

Our team of experienced consultants will focus on understanding the nature of your business to provide you with practical and personalised advice and services.

They will provide specialised services to identify, analyse and manage both physical and psychosocial risks to your workforce and minimise the impact of work injuries in your business.

A portrait of Glenn Fox

Glenn Fox

Leader Underwriting and
Risk Management

Portrait of Mardi Webber

Mardi Webber

Consultant, Mentally healthy Workplaces

Portrait of Matt Allen

Matthew Allen

Risk Management

Portrait of Renee Fenton

Renee Fenton

Risk Management Consultant 

Getting started

If you would like assistance in your risk management contact us on 13 18 55 or by email at riskmanagement@rtwsa.com.