To speak to a ReCONNECT Advisor contact ReturnToWorkSA on 8238 5959 or email us at

ReCONNECT is a free and voluntary service that helps people transition from work injury insurance to community based and employment support services after their income support has ceased.

Our ReCONNECT Advisors assist people via telephone, email and face to face contact to support transition to life beyond their work injury claim, encouraging people’s own decision-making and helping them to help themselves.

Claims agents and service providers, including general practitioners, legal representatives, psychologists, physiotherapists and other rehabilitation service providers can refer people to ReCONNECT. People can also self-refer.

Who is eligible for ReCONNECT?

The ReCONNECT service is available for people whose income support is ceasing, including those who:

  • are disputing aspects of their claim
  • are still receiving return to work services
  • are entitled to medical expenses
  • are employed by self-insured employers

The ReCONNECT service also extends to affected family members.

“I’ve been between companies, on the dole, calling agencies and always told no. So you can’t understand my gratitude, you are worth your weight in my book.” ReCONNECT participant

What support does ReCONNECT provide?

Our ReCONNECT Advisors can help people link with appropriate community services including:

  • financial counselling
  • accommodation support
  • mental health services
  • health services in the community
  • family, legal and community services
  • career guidance and job search support
  • age, gender and cultural services
  • training, skills development, volunteering
  • Centrelink
  • SA regional services
  • and more…

The ReCONNECT service may vary depending on individual circumstances. It can include quick advice and information that directs people to relevant services, through to ongoing and longer-term support and assistance. The ReCONNECT service can be provided for up to 12 months.

“I have found a job as a teacher; it is part time now, but may turn into full time soon. Thank you for your help.” ReCONNECT participant

* ReCONNECT is not designed for people who have accepted a redemption payment.