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If a work related injury occurs, the person injured and their employer will receive early assistance and support from ReturnToWorkSA and our claims agents to help the person injured to recover and stay at work, or return to work as quickly as possible.

Reporting a work injury and lodging a claim is now as easy as calling your claims agent EML on 1800 688 825 or Gallagher Bassett on 1800 774 177. The sooner your claims agent knows about the injury, the sooner they can arrange assistance.

Our claims service includes:

  • less paperwork – you don't need a claim form to start a work injury claim
  • quick processing – claims that won’t need intensive case management support may be processed on the phone (providing all parties are in agreement)
  • on-the-spot decisions made by case managers throughout the claim where possible
  • fast access to personalised services and face-to-face support from our claims agents.