Second Opinion Medicine Services

What are Second Opinion Medicine Services?

Second Opinion Medicine Services are a clinical support tool that provides treating GPs and their patients with quick access to a second opinion from leading South Australian medical specialists on:

  • diagnosis
  • prognosis
  • treatment planning
  • approaches for supporting recovery and improving a patient’s functional abilities.

Second Opinion Medicines Services include:

  • a consultation between the referred worker and appropriate medical specialist
  • initial telephone feedback to the worker’s treating GP after the consultation
  • a short 1-2 page, clinically focussed, written consultation summary containing advice and recommendations for improving patient recovery and functioning.

Who can access Second Opinion Medicine Services?

GPs treating patients with a work injury claim.

Which specialists are included in the Second Opinion Medicine Service?

You can get a second opinion from the following medical specialists:

  • physicians (occupational, pain, general)
  • psychiatrists
  • surgeons.

When can I use a Second Opinion Medicine Service?

A second opinion may be sought:

  • when a patient’s recovery has stalled
  • when non-injury factors are impacting upon a patient's recovery and return to work
  • at any time during the life of a claim.

A Second Opinion Medicine Service will not provide a medico-legal opinion or advice about claim liability.

Where can I get a second opinion?

Second Opinion Medicine Service providers (PDF, 276 KB)

Second opinion medicine service providers
Corporate Health Group

T: 8354 9800

F: 8354 9844


General Practitioner's Specialist Service

T: 1800 477 246

F: 1800 477 245


Occmed Solutions
(Formerly Hindmarsh Specialist Centre)

T: 7100 6100

F: 7100 6200


Next Generation Specialist Service

T: 7913 7613

F: 8333 1129


The International Spine Centre

T: (08) 8223 4055

F: (08) 8223 3766


Dr. Danh Tran

T: (08) 8267 5288

F: (08) 8267 3010


Dr. Andrew Harvey

T: (08) 8232 6333


Dr. James Economos

T: (08) 8362 8200

F: (08) 8362 5300

Sonic HealthPlus Adelaide

T: (08) 8139 5000

F:  (08) 8139 5055