Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners can use the Nurse Practitioner Work Capacity Certificate when a person with a new work injury presents at a hospital emergency department. It allows nurse practitioners working at hospital emergency departments to certify a patient’s capacity for work for a maximum period of seven calendar days.

The Nurse Practitioner Work Capacity Certificate allows nurse practitioners to:

  • reinforce realistic perceptions of injury severity, and set expectations about recovery timeframes
  • certify a patient’s capacity for work for up to seven days, and
  • share information with other treating practitioners, the employer and mobile case manager.

When completing the certificate, nurse practitioners should focus on the patient's capacity for work from a clinical perspective. This will ensure that the employer and case manager have the information they need to identify suitable duties at work that can be performed safely.

The certificate can only be used for the purpose of supporting a new work injury claim. Only one certificate can be issued per patient, per injury event. Patients requiring a further certificate will need to see a medical practitioner. The certificate must include only the information provided by the patient and their clinical assessment on the day of examination.

A smart PDF version of the Nurse Practitioner Work Capacity Certificate can be downloaded here. Alternatively, additional hard copies can be ordered by telephoning our Customer Services team on 13 18 55 or through

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