FAQs about proposed changes during consultation (October-November 2018)

How will ReturnToWorkSA calculate my premium for 2019/2020?

If the changes are implemented, we will use your actual remuneration for 2018-19 instead of an estimate of remuneration for 2019-20. The rest of the calculation will remain the same.

Will you adjust my premium for 2018/2019?

To finalise your 2018/2019 premium, we will adjust your premium based on your actual remuneration for 2018/2019. This will be the last year where end of financial year adjustments occur.

My remuneration fluctuates each year so I might end up paying too much premium, what can I do?

Each year’s premium will be based on your previous year’s actual remuneration.   If your remuneration fluctuates from year to year, your premium will fluctuate too.  This happens now. If there are exceptional circumstances that have a significant impact on your business then you may apply for a premium adjustment. Examples of exceptional circumstances include a significant redundancy program, the addition/closure of a main location, or winning/losing a major contract could lead to significant increase or decrease in remuneration in the course of a financial year.

I may close down some locations during the year, what happens then?

If your remuneration reduces significantly during the year, this will be reflected in next year’s premium calculation.  If you think you need a mid-year premium adjustment, you should apply to ReturnToWorkSA.

I don’t know what my actual remuneration is by 31 July, how can I provide that figure to you?

The period to provide actual remuneration has been extended to mid- September.

What happens if I don’t provide my actual remuneration before the due date?

If you don’t provide remuneration by this date, it will be estimated by ReturnToWorkSA. The due date has however been extended to mid- September to provide you time to submit your remuneration data.

I over estimate currently just to be sure that I don’t have a bill to pay at the end of the year. Can I still do that?

There is no need to do this going forward.  Premium will be based on actual remuneration, with no adjustment at year end.  You will not need to provide estimated remuneration

Can I provide my actual remuneration through your online services?


Will you send out my password so I can access your online services?

Our online services are being updated. You will be required to register online once only as part of the transition to this system. Information on how to do this will be sent in early 2019. Keep your password (that you create) as this will allow access to the online service at the end of the financial year.  If you have not retained your current password, we can assist you.

How will I know what to pay?

If the proposed changes are implemented, you will receive a tax invoice for your 2019-20 premium when you provide your 2018-19 actual remuneration data via our online system. If you provide your remuneration by another method (phone, mail) a tax invoice will be posted.

When do I pay my premium?

You will have the choice to pay in full by 7 October or in 9 equal monthly instalments from 7 October to 7 June.

If I pay an instalment, then want to pay the remainder of the year in full, can I do this?


I have a direct debit in place, do I need to do anything?

No, the direct debt will remain in place unless you choose to cancel it.

My remuneration is less than the threshold amount, can I still pay minimum premium and be registered?


I gave ReturnToWorkSA an estimate for 2018/19 and you calculated my premium for the year. What happens at the end of 2018/2019 financial year?

You will be asked to provide your actual remuneration. We will use your  actual remuneration to calculate any adjustment due(as in previous years). If the proposed changes are implemented, this will be the last time an end of year adjustment will occur.

If you are using the previous year’s actual remuneration, what industry rate will apply, last years or next years?

Using 2019-20 premium as an example:

Base premium = 2018-19 actual remuneration x 2019-20 industry rate. The rest of the calculation will remain the same.

If my premium is calculated on the remuneration I paid in the previous year based on the number of workers I had, and that number increased throughout the current year, will they all be covered?


How will ReturnToWorkSA calculate my premium for 2019/20 for new employers?

ReturnToWorkSA will use the estimated remuneration as provided on your registration application. The following year and thereafter, premium will be calculated using your actual remuneration from the previous year.

Where can I find out more?

Watch our webinar which explains the proposed changes in more detail.